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Possible status of expert volunteers NIE SOUZCONSALT

Possible status of expert volunteers NIE SOUZCONSALT

According to the economic concept of O.N.Paladeva "Egomarketing - a new economy based on eco-friendly use of human resources," the future is an active community of experts, professionals, realizing creative potential of each participant, commercializing it to improve the quality of human life. Initially, the Board of the International Network of Experts "Soyuzkonsalt" entered the status of expert volunteers, as an expert assistant, trainee for performing journalistic tasks NIEJournal, startups who want to try to run their projects with the support of the Network of Experts.

Later, expert volunteer status has entered into a hierarchy as a trainee, and as an expert, a professional in their field, voluntarily engaged in a gratuitous public utility and design activities, members of the network, to promote the aims and objectives of the expert community ,. Unlike other members of the community it has a limited set of options, but they can fill in the joint project work or paying an annual connection fee.

Expert-volunteer is an active member of the international community, and consciously enters the command "Soyuzkonsalt" international expert community.

If you want to join the team of professionals, and to promote professional growth at the expense of assistance in the implementation of projects, you can become a volunteer ekspertom-, and we look forward to seeing you in our ranks.


Strengthening the position of the expert community in the global economy, improving the quality parameters of foreign trade activities, increase the scope of foreign trade contribution to the objectives of the national economy modernization.


1. Identify the features of the web member

2. Familiarity with the goals and objectives of the international expert community

3. If you have any questions you can ask any expert

4. You are downloading from a site expert form (link) and sends it to the specified address

Your supervisor - Network Chairman Alain Paladeva +79159633383

5. Do you offer their projects, participate in international projects Networks

RESOURCE expert volunteers, HIS own time, motivation and skills.

International Network of Experts "Soyuzkonsalt" is recognized in the business community, as the infrastructure to support talent. A unique international project certainly commercially oriented, but also honored socially oriented business project marked nagradami.Set promotes talented professionals implementing plans, projects, assisting in the expansion of the resource base, providing financial and financial support to members of the Network.


Members of the Network, in most cases, refuse cooperation, if I pay a person other than a member of the expert community, partner, client-customer. We cooperate only with the partner organizations, and refuse those who are not being treated as such to us (offering products, services, projects)

Join the project mission, part of the international expert community "Soyuzkonsalt" realizing their talents, they are commercialized

International Network of Experts Chairman of the Board "Soyuzkonsalt"

Paladeva Alena




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